Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starting SEI Internship Today !

I gotta get cracka-lackin', cuz I only have 2 months to complete this internship which I know I could easily spend years doing ~ especially from home, as the good people of SEI have agreed to let me do.

My life hasn't changed all that much, as I sit at my desk under my consistently sun-drenched window in Boulder, sipping tea & researching organizations that might be interested in solar technologies ~ only now I have a purpose ~ and a brilliant organization & their stellar training classes to promote!

I must reiterate that this is the deal of the century ~ interning for Solar Energy International (SEI) in exchange for all the training I'll need to become certified in solar panel (PV) installation. Online courses will begin for me as soon as my internship is completed, & I look forward to some fun & educationally grueling hands-on courses this summer up in the Western Rockies.

Have you ever been interested in learning more about solar panels, solar water heating, or solar technologies in the developing world? SEI has all kinds of classes, for all kinds of people, to fit all kinds of schedules.

Check em out: http://www.solarenergy.org/why-sei-solar-training-re-education

Questions? Email me! Karyn@solarenergy.org

Friday, February 11, 2011

Solar Energy International (SEI) offers Work Trade Programs !

Score Big & Get Trained through an Internship @ SEI

Well color me happy ~ I do believe I've hit the jackpot !! I recently signed up for a Work-Trade position with Solar Energy International (SEI), which will allow me to take all the courses I need to get certified in PV (photovoltaic/panel) installation, in exchange for two months as a glorified intern. This is an amazing opportunity, since SEI's classes are NABCEP accredited and I would never be able to afford this kind of training otherwise. SEI has one of the best reputations in solar energy training in the world, & I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them ~ let alone get such valuable training in return!

I'll be working with the International Programs & Marketing/Communications departments, networking with internationally-oriented affiliates about upcoming classes & identifying outreach opportunities with potentially collaborative organizations. This fits in well with my international development & solar cooking background, & will allow me to rekindle contacts with organizations I've worked with in the past, as well as make new alliances in concurrent renewable energy forums. In return I will receive about 6 months of invaluable training in solar electric design & installation, preparing me to sit for the NABCEP national energy certification test.

The staff @ SEI's Carbondale-based offices are some of the nicest & most accomplished people I've met in the solar industry, & I count myself lucky to be a part of their experienced and enthusiastic workforce.

If you've ever wanted to get trained in or learn more about solar electric design; panel installation; hot water, wind or micro-hydro procedures; solar technology business planning; technical sales; specialized teaching; or appropriate renewable energies for developing areas ~ SEI is THE PLACE to do it. Their diverse & credentialed staff provide training courses around the nation & the world, including CO, AZ, CA, AR, WA, UT, Costa Rica, Cuba & Nicaragua; online classes are also available.

Check 'em out!

Solar Energy International (SEI)
Carbondale, CO 81623-0715
Phone: (970) 963-8855

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