Friday, May 20, 2011

SEI's Panel Installation Course in Boulder

The Introduction to Solar Panel Installation (PV101) course in Boulder, CO last week was amazing! A perfect introduction to PV installation techniques, Ed Eaton did a stellar job of explaining the very detailed basics of panel installation, while Kevin Lundy showed exemplary skills in demonstrating the equipment to the class in a comprehensible manner. The class of 30+ worked hard to absorb all the material, risked life & limb checking live arrays in the year's biggest rain storm, & jumped for joy (okay, that was me) when the system we constructed as a group got hooked up to the grid! A huge success, in this disciple's opinion. To think this could be my new career makes me so happy : )

Some of the boys checking out a standard panel.

Ed hookin' up the tunes.

Kevin demonstrating voltage testing.

Field trip.

Class time.

Strippin' wires.

Proud of our little array.

Waitin' to get turned on!